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The Story



“From the Hood Life… to the Good Life”

(full treatment available upon request)


A single attractive LA-based entrepreneur successfully balances her professional career with the rigors of being the ultimate stage-mom to three rising entertainment stars to the detriment of... her sex life.

NITA MARQUEZ, an exotic blend of Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil poured into a fitness model’s body!  This Hot Latina’s journey from the “The Hood Life to the Good Life” provides a unique lens to life-coach clients with straight talk on sexuality, fitness trains clients with nutrition, meditation, even masturbation, and advises struggling parents with coping skills. As such, this fiery mother of three now serves as a motivational speaker for web followers, clients and being both home and stage mom to three immensely talented Hollywood kids. However, this veneer of success cloaks Nita’s one major frustration – DATING IN LA!

What many do not know is that Nita was a Crack Kid before she was the National Fitness Champion and an International Fitness Model. Growing up in the midst of a crack-infested and abusive homelife, both parents were gone from her life by age 13.  She is an empowering yet tough fitness/life/sexuality coach who is helping people “love” themselves in more ways than one. Nita is also an active advocate for single parents and troubled teens while also being the sole provider and driving force of her family. Nita's unique combination of family, fitness, and stagemom-ism has garnered her a substantial and engaging following that continues to grow in readership of her no-bullshit articles and intrigue with her live videos of her famous fitness recipes to training people in the gym to her kids’ live performances. Her biggest dilemma: Getting her own sauce sizzled, because as a 43-year-old single mom in LA, it’s a tough gig finding companionship (or safe sex), but it’s an entertaining adventure!


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