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Nita Marquez

Nita Marquez has literally gone from the "Hood Life to the Good Life." At Nita's age of 13, during America's 1980's surge of crack, Nita's mother became addicted and it was at this time that Nita was set out to the world. Only having met her father three times growing up, she didn't have anyone but herself to rely on, and the world became her playground. Fast forward over her many adventures and mistakes, dropping out of high school and then going to college, she entered the Fitness Industry and went on to become a Champion Athlete in her field- later becoming Miss National Fitness.  During her career development, she did marry and have three children with her husband, and they divorced just after their third child was born. On her own again, Nita moved her children back to Los Angeles California to establish the family in her former home. Miss National Fitness Fit Mom of Three entertaining kids, at under five feet, is securing their placement in Hollywood. Join America's Hottest Fit Mom™ in action- building, training, and working the Hollywood beat for the #MarquezFamilia and #TeamBriciaandAcacia!

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